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Ruby Sleeping

Parents, for years I’ve stood by whilst you bombarded my Facebook with pictures of your children, everyday I’ve had to run the gauntlet of baby pictures, baby wears shoes on the incorrect feet, baby smears food all over its face and the classic, baby in the bath covered in suds.  Now, as a dog owner, it’s my turn to overexpose my fur-baby on social media.  I’d appreciate it if you gushed over my Ruby, the same way I have over your offspring.

Ruby is my dog, she’s a three year old Bull Arab cross, she came to be my dog because I’m a sucker for both dogs and bargains, last Saturday I found myself browsing the RSPCA dog adoption centre, Ruby had been there for a while, so she was discounted. I guess due to her size, she hadn’t yet been adopted. She is large, not quite Great Dane size, but she’s no new age, designer, poodle cross, dog the size of a small shoe. She’s somewhere between a larger dog and a small horse.

I wanted a dog that was going to be a visual deterrent to door-to-door sales people, and the possums in my roof. She’s brindle and white, with a big head and skinny legs, I guess at first she’s a little visually off-putting but then so are green smoothies and people still seem to like those.

Besides eating her way through most of my weekly salary in speciality dog food, Ruby sleeps most of the day. ‘Ruby, want to go for a walk?’ I ask, she doesn’t even raise her head to see me jingling her lead like a loon. Perfect, I didn’t really want to go walking either, we settle in for a few hours of cooking shows together.

She’s a very well behaved dog, she didn’t complain once when I fitted the diamante collar around her neck, or when I registered with the council her under the semi ridiculous name of Ruby April Long Socks. It would’ve been longer, however you only get twenty-five letters. What is this a tweet or the name of your baby replacement? I mean dog.

I never planned on getting a Bull Arab, I always wanted what everyone else wanted a small, moderately fluffy brown ball of love, with floppy ears. However, then Ruby approached her pen door at the RSPCA and I was smitten immediately. Her no so much with me, we went outside so I could get to know her a bit better, however she was mostly keen on every other piece of stimulus outside other than me. I guess I had tickets on myself to think I’d be of more interest to her than a patch of grass. Regardless I took her home, stopped off to get a dog bed, lead and water bowl. However as I’m a 32 year old childless woman, I soon also found myself purchasing her a jumper and fluffy pink pillow which is also a toy, in a matter of days I’d become all that I’d mocked in dog owners.

I took her to the dog park, just around the perimeter on her lead, to see how she’d react; she didn’t eat any of the Chihuahuas so I counted that as a successful visit. She’s very strong and enjoys darting into the bushes at s moment’s notice to sniff things that CSI Miami wouldn’t even know was there.

There are some downsides to dog ownership, my house smells of air freshener with an strong undertone of dog, my clothes are now covered in dog hair and I’ve spent so much money on antihistamines that I’m probably eligible for a wholesale discount.  So far so good though.

As originally published in The Courier Mail  


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